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Stop spamming us with your ponzi schemes

I read something today that made me irrationally angry.

I was reading and rating answers at Ask SC, when I came across an answer that was blatant SPAM.  The question was about the best online advertising methods.  The answer that offended me so much was recommending Profit Clicking as an advertising method, and included the person’s referral link in the answer.

For those who haven’t come across Profit Clicking, it markets itself as the solution to everyone’s financial worries.  It sells advertising packages and claims that for every ad pack you buy, you will receive 150% of its value when it matures.  The question, “Is Profit Clicking a scam?” has been asked often enough, and I don’t know the answer.  I don’t know if it was deliberately set up to scam people.  What I can say for certain, however, is that Profit Clicking is a ponzi scheme, using money from people at the bottom to pay people at the top.  Ponzi schemes are illegal, and they cause suffering and misery to the people who fall for them, and lose their hard-earned cash.  Most people who have bought ad packs at Profit Clicking will never see a return on their quasi-investment.

Hopefully, SFI has removed the answer with the offending link by now – I can’t be the only one who reported it – and hopefully, none of the vulnerable new affiliates at SFI have fallen for it.  I’d also like to hope the person who posted the link has been removed and permanently banned from SFI, but I suspect Gery Carson and the SFI support team are more tolerant and forgiving than I am.  They probably believe that allowing that person to stay will give them a chance to learn a better way to do business.  I hope they are right.

However they have handled the SPAM and the spammer, there is one thing I really do hope.  I hope to never see anything like that at SFI again.  I’ve been exposed to ponzi schemes more times than I can count over my years of internet marketing – I even fell for a few of them when I started out – so I was surprised at how shocked and offended I was.  I think it’s because I know SFI is a real business.  Everything about it, even all those little details that people moan about on the forum, is totally right.  And it’s exactly how a proper business should be run.

Running a business is about selling real products to real customers, and earning real money.  That’s what SFI is.

Ponzi schemes have no place here.


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